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About us

You can significantly increase your revenue by designing your custom paper display product in a way that highlights the speciality of the product you are selling.


Branaldi Hungary has many years of experience in the production of paper displays or pos displays. Regarding paper, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is very fragile, but today’s modern paper display boxes are made in a design process that allows them to be

strong and meet expectations.


A wide scale of cardboard display designs are available, that can be used for eye-catching product launches, impulse buying and positioning of special offers. Its stand-alone solution, unique shape and colour will appeal to consumers. Perfect for branding, with products, logo and design, you can offer everything that customers associate with a brand.

Environmental protection

Branaldi Hungary achieves economic growth with environmental protection in mind. Reducing adverse environmental impact in production is important to us. In our development processes we keen recycling and unwasteful material using. With our recycled raw materials we protect the environment, and thus our products are made with the highest quality.

Parameters - Specification

Product name               Cardboard display Promotional POS floor display

Characteristics  Personalized, lightweight, easy to fold, can be assembled and disassembled

Size and style                Customized, standard 60x40x160cm or 40x40x160cm

Unit                                 1 set

Design                            Free design offered by professional designers. If required, we also provide graphic design for our clients.

Graphics                        TIFF, PDF, on 3 pages: graphics, graphics and punch drawing, only punch drawing

Use                                  Supermarkets, chain stores, shops, ads and promotions

Material                         EB / EE double-walled vagy E corrugated board (reinforced)

. Thickness: 2,5 mm -15 mm

. Load capacity: 10–50 kg

. Corrugated board

Printing              Coloured (CYMK) or Panton coloured printing

Surface treatment          Glossy/matte lamination (waterproof coating), placing 3D elements

Quality Assurance          Pioneering innovative techniques for producing all kinds of high quality printing products, with an excellent tracking system in the creating process

Sample making               Sample 100% refund after confirmation of official order, quotation

Sample lead time           3-5 working days

Production, packaging and other details

Production time             10-15 working days, depending on quantity

Packaging                         Packaging in unit or special packaging according to customer needs

Shipping                           Courier service, own car or truck, van


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Branaldi Hungary Bt.

Phone: +36 30 428 8931

Address: 1201 Budapest, Torontál utca 28.

Open hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00


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